Reed Pamphlet - Basic Reed conditioning and care. An article that I wrote for my students.

Jazz Basics - Article about how to swing and the "Rules of Jazz" which originally appeared on the IAJE-Texas website.

Reed Players Doubling onFlute - Published in Flute Talk July/August 2002, this article deals with some of the problems that reed players have when first learning to play flute.

The First Steps to Reading Music - Published in The Instrumentalist December 1997, this article covers my 5 step method for learning music. It can be used by all levels of players and is not specific to any instrument.

Practicing Scales with Harmonics- Published in Flute Talk April 1996, this article became the launching point for my book Fun with Flute Harmonics





Fun with Flute Harmonics - This book deals exclusively with harmonics on the flute. Basic harmonics, scales, thirds, songs, and more! A great flexibility workout and tone builder. A pdf version is now available in the store. A bound version is available at, Penders Music, and Carol Nussbaum Music.

**New** A free demo of Fun With Flute Harmonics. Try a sample of the book that will dramatically improve your tone and flexibility. Get it here.

The Working Doubler - Learning woodwind doubling can be frustrating; you practice but do not see progress. This book will help you solve your issues, making each instrument sound like it is your main one. It explains the most common problems, their cause, and their solutions. Not just for doublers, this book will help any woodwind player improve the way they approach their instrument. ***Now available for Kindle app*** Pdf version coming soon!


Clarinet duets based upon Rose Studies and Etudes. Over the years I have created duets based upon popular Rose studies and etudes as a way of giving my students a new perspective on the music. They are available in the store and offered individually. Check back often as more are being added!