I just recently played for an awards show (think the Tonys but for high schools) and Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory did a video tribute to one of his former drama teachers. He passed along advice that this teacher gave him: Someone else’s success does not mean your failure. Great words.

How many times have we seen some one get a solo or gig and immediately get jealous and started to think about how we don’t measure up. We have to remember that sometimes there can only be one but that doesn’t mean that you are a bad player/musician if it isn’t you. Sometimes it is other’s turn. If you keep working hard and doing all the things necessary, you will get your turn.

I try to look at it for the greater good: at least someone is working. Even of it isn’t me, someone is making music. The alternative, no one making music, is a bigger problem than my ego. You can be happy for someone else without tearing yourself down. Expressing yourself musically is not a competition.

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